Any useful information gleaned from this site is purely concidental and may bear no resemblance to any actual facts either intended or otherwise :-)

This page is a grab-bag of stuff with a thin veneer of valuable knowledge, a measure of humour and very little organization - actually, that pretty much describes me too.

My OpenSource Projects:

The botZilla Game.
Tux - A Quest for Herring.
PLIB - A Portable Games Library
The Triereis Project
Some GPL'ed Software Toys.
The freeglut Library.

FAQ's that I maintain:

The Omniverous Biped OpenGL FAQs.
Useful info for LEGO builders.
The Tux the Linux Penguin FAQ
The Newell Teapot FAQ.

Friends & Family.

Oliver Baker.
Renee Launer.
Sydney Wilson.
Doll Homes by Renee.

Assorted stuff.

The Even Less Authorized MINI Owner's Manual.
Kids and Software.
Some humor.
Some Paper and Pencil Games.
Online Collections.
3D Graphic Image Gallery.
Daddy-Math - Some Math Help for my Son.
Asperger Syndrome Relationships [PDF].
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