Talking to Your MINI.

by Steve Baker.
Your MINI was born in Oxford, England, this means that it speaks the Queens English rather than your quaint American Dialect. So, please try to make your MINI feel at home on this side of the pond by remembering to use the correct words when you talk to it: (If you are reading this in England, please reverse the order of the table and use it when you talk to your rusted out Ford Cortina.)
accellerator gas pedal
aerial antenna
alternator generator
bonnet hood
boot trunk
bulkhead firewall
cabriolet convertible
car park parking lot
dampers shocks
demister defroster
dipped headlamps lo-beam
diversion detour
earth ground
estate van station wagon
exhaust pipe tail pipe
flyover overpass
full beam hi-beam
gallon 1.2 gallons
gear lever gear shifter
handbrake parking brake
headlamps headlights
hood soft-top
indicator turn signal
lorry truck
manual transmission stick shift
mileometer odometer
motoray freeway
number plate license plate
petrol gas
pinking pinging
prop shaft drive shaft
rearview mirror driving mirror
roundabout traffic circle
side light parking light
silencer muffler
sill rocker panel
spanner wrench
sump oil pan
tappet valve lifter
tyre tire
wheel nuts lug nuts
windscreen windshield
wing fender
wing mirror door mirror