Linux for Janitors.

I'd like to present this email I got from Curt Olson (lead developer of the FlightGear project).

  From: "Curtis L. Olson" <>
  Subject: [FGFS-Devel] anonymous cvs down tonight
  The flight gear anonymous cvs server is down tonight.  The floors in
  my office are being stripped and waxed and we had to shuffle some
  stuff around to clear off the floors.
  We gave our janitor a Unix account and helped him set up his home
  computer to run Linux so he gives us extra special treatment.
  Whenever a professor comes in squawking about how he or his students
  can't be expected to deal with with Unix because it is so obfuscated
  and hard, we point out that the janitor runs unix at home and has no
  problems with it.  Hehe, we've brought more than one prima-donna back
  down to earth with that one. :-)
  I'll hook everything back up in the morning ... or pass out from
  stripper fumes, which ever comes first.
  Curtis Olson                        Systems Administrator                  University of MN, ME Dept.      Try Linux!