The Brick Bakery.

by Steve & Oliver Baker.
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These pages cover a range of LEGO Technics-related information picked up by myself (Steve Baker) and my son Oliver. We've been experimenting with LEGO Mindstorms sets since about July 2000.

I'm gradually building advice and data that should be useful to Technics fans and publishing the results here:

LEGO creations.

Here are some of the things we've built:

Links, Books & References.

From time to time people ask where to find the RCX 2.0 firmware (it's notoriously difficult to find using the navigation tools on the Lego Web site). So just go here and follow the instructions:

I've now actually read this book and I have to say that it's *MUCH* better than I expected a book about Lego robotics could be. Of the 28 chapters, the first 14 are about basic building tricks and the remainder are reasonably detailed descriptions of some projects you can try. The early chapters will certainly get beginners over the initial "How the heck to I build anything?" phase and the remainder is of interest to all Lego robotics enthusiasts. Many of the projects assume that you have Lego parts that are not in the basic Mindstorms set - and one or two assume parts (such as the reversing switch) that are completely unobtainable - but on the whole, there is enough there to keep everyone busy.

Just for Fun!

Here is a cute animation Oliver made with our Fuji Digital camera:

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All photo's were taken with a FujiFilm MX1200 digital camera - and post-processed using The GIMP and XV using Linux.

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