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The gameTools library suite is a set of closely cooperating libraries and assorted tools that make writing games like Lemur of Lima much less complicated - allowing more code re-use between games. It is not expected that people outside of the Baker household developer team will ever write games using these libraries - but they are licensed under LGPL so anything is possible.

Some specialised file formats are standard across gameTools-based games.

For a list of the current contents of the gameTools suite, see the handy navigation box at the bottom of each Wiki page...

Wikiid Pages relating to gameTools (edit)
gameTools - Main page
gameTools - Support Tools :
plb_to_ac3d, mklevel, mktile, mktree, tiled, autogen_java, mk3dgallery
gameTools - File Formats :
title_screen.rgb, ultimate.xml, material.xml, decoration.xml, physics.xml
tiled.xml, tiled_autotiles.xml, Level files, Tile naming scheme, PLB files
gameTools - Source Code :
Game functions: gameCamera, gameClock, gameChecksum/gameHashTable, gameHTTP,
gameIsect, gameJoystick, gameParticleManager, gameScreen/gameMouse,
gameSky, gameStarter, gameStrokeFont, gameUtils
Material database: MatList/MatEntry
Tile map handling: TileObject/MapFlag/MapEntry/Map
Java Interfacing: JavaLink
Image file loading: liImage/liImageFactory
3D Model file loading: loadPLB, PLB exporter
Physics: Sabot, Bullet, gameTools - Use with Blender, PLB exporter
Object management: Object

Wikiid Pages relating to Lemur of Lima (edit)
Lemur of Lima - Main page
Lemur of Lima - Controls
Lemur of Lima - Levels :
List of Levels, Level design, Screen shots, Models
Lemur of Lima - Java Plugins :
Java plugin API, Event handling, Flags, GameInterface API , Alphabetical Index
Lemur of Lima - Source Code Documentation :
Initialisation, Main Loop, gameTools