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The games that use the gameTools suite require a number of support files - most of which are XML files.

Note that all XML 'filenames' mentioned in the game can also be URL's. So rather than putting 'mymodel.plb', you can use instead.

The title_screen.rgb file 
The startup screen for the game.
The ultimate.xml file 
Which is the overall game description file.
The material.xml file 
Which controls how materials behave.
The decoration.xml file 
Which controls what decorations the 'mktile' program generates for automatically created terrain tiles.
The tiled.xml file 
Which controls what hand-built tiles the 'tiled' program allows you to choose from.
The tiled_autotiles.xml file 
Which controls what automatically built terrain tiles the 'tiled' program allows you to choose from.
Level files 
Which control the contents of each level in the game.
PLB files 
Which permit blender to be used for making models.
Tile naming 
How auto-generated terrain tiles are named.

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