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This section documents the source code of the gameTools library suite.

General Game Functions

class gameClock 
A basic clock class.
class gameCamera 
Supports camera motion and tracking.
class gameChecksum and class gameHashTable 
gameHashTable and gameCheckSum support.
class gameScreen and class gameMouse 
Handles the OpenGL rendering context, including keyboard and mouse.
HTTP access 
Support for HTTP access in TinyXML.
Support for fast intersection testing.
Renders a nice dynamic sky model with clouds, sun and moon.
Renders particle systems for explosions and other 'canned' effects.
Easy game startup handler.
Fonts - rendered as OpenGL lines.

Material Properties Database

class MatEntry and class MatList 
Deal with lists of material properties.

Tile map handling

class TileObject 
class MapFlag 
class MapEntry 
class Map 

Java Interfacing

class javaLink 

Image file loading

class liImage and liImageFactory 
Loading image files in a variety of formats.

3D Model file loading

Loading 3D models.
PLB exporter 
Export '.plb' files from within blender.

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