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The gameTools suite includes a PLB exporter for blender - but there are some limitations and some tricks to be aware of to get the best out of it:


  • Currently Armature deformation lacks implementation, but is on the to do list.
  • Bezier/Nurbs
  • Many high level material features
  • Particles (only a limitation from Blender's standpoint)
  • MetaBalls and other meta objects
  • Cameras and Lamps (better to leave out of the scene to make appending easier)
  • PLIB does not know how to cope with multiple textures.
  • Blender Textures are not viable materials, so when selecting a texture, you must select "Image".

Tricks & Lessons Learned

  • When adding a mesh, or anything (after hitting the space bar) make sure to do it in the "window pane" that is pointing in the direction you want;
  • When rotating or moving ANYTHING, do it in edit mode;
  • If it is still off axis upon exporting, especially if attached to an armature, parent the entire model to an ""Empty"" object, which is named for the JavaScript to attach to;
  • All polygons with texture(s) must be UV mapped;
  • ALL polygons and meshes must have materials. UV mapped textured materials MUST have the UV projection mode on in the Map Input;
  • Texture map names refer to material.xml file entries:
  • UV mapping should be snapped to pixels;
  • Textures with transparency should be left alone in terms of indicating the "Use Alpha" option, and none of the "Map To" options should be used;

Modelling standards

  • Vehicles, animals, people and anything else where direction matters are modelled facing down the positive Y axis with Z being 'up'.
  • Texture maps must be an exact power-of-two in size along each axis (eg 64x64, 512x256 or 128x32 - but not 423x142).

Anything else?

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