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The loadMat library revolves around two classes: class MatEntry describes the properties of a Material and class MatList maintains a list of them all.


This contains all of the properties of a Material and its public interface is basically just a bunch of 'set' and 'get' functions that need no further explanation:

 class MatEntry
   void setCollidable   ( bool c ) ;
   bool isCollidable    () ;
   void setWaterSurface ( bool c ) ;
   bool isWaterSurface  () ;
   void setGLmaterial   ( bool s ) ;
   bool hasGLmaterial   () ;
   void setMovtexVel ( const sgVec3 vel ) ;
   void setMovtexPos ( const sgVec3 pos ) ;
   const float *getMovtexVel () ;
   const float *getMovtexPos () ;
   void setAmbient   ( const float *rgba ) ;
   void setDiffuse   ( const float *rgba ) ;
   void setSpecular  ( const float *rgba ) ;
   void setEmission  ( const float *rgba ) ;
   void setShininess ( float sh ) ;
   void setColMatMode( const char *s ) ;
   const float *getAmbient    () ;
   const float *getDiffuse    () ;
   const float *getSpecular   () ;
   const float *getEmission   () ;
   float        getShininess  () ;
   GLenum       getColMatMode () ;
   bool isMovTex () ;
 } ;


The main function of this class is to maintain a database of MatEntry objects such that they can be loaded and tracked more easily:

 class MatList
   MatList ( const char *fname ) ;
   MatEntry *getEntry ( const char *name ) ;
   void update () ;
 } ;

The constructor function takes the name of a gameTools material.xml file (traditionally: data/material.xml) which it loads. The MatList::update function performs per-frame housekeeping and MatList::getEntry lets you find a particutlar material from it's name (which is actually the root part of the texture filename).

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