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The mktile tool generates every possible permutation and combination of 20m terrain tiles with the following names:


Where 'XXXXx' is a five character code - the first four are digits 0 through 4. 0 through 3 represent the heights of 0m, 2.5m, 5m and 7.5m where the digit 4 represents water (the water surface is at 0m and the rocky bottom is at -1m). The four digits are (respectively) the north-west, north-east, south-east and south-west corners. The fifth character is a lowercase letter starting from 'a' upwards that represents several different versions of the terrain tile with different decoration and different random undulations between the corners.

Hence, tile_4433b.plb is the second random version of a tile which has water on the western side and is 7.5m all down the eastern side.

The tool is meticulous about not generating tiles that are just rotations of each other - so whilst there is a tile_0033b.plb, there is no tile_3300b.plb nor 3003, 0330. The program always generates the lowest numbered rotation - and since 0033 is a smaller number than 0330, 3003 or 3300, it is the one it builds.

This naming scheme is relied upon by the mklevel and tiled tools.

There is a complete list of all of these auto-generated tiles in tiled_autotiles.xml. This file is generated by mktile everytime you regenerate all of the actual tiles.

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