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Makes driving the PLIB camera a little less painful.

The camera supports two modes:

The camera follows along behind the object.
The camera stays in one position and tracks the object.

After creating a gameCamera object, one may call gameCamera::getMode() to get the current camera mode, gameCamera::setMode(mode) to set it or gameCamera::toggleMode() to cycle through the availabel modes.

 class Camera
   Camera ( int pos = 0 ) ;
   int     getMode () ;
   void toggleMode () ;
   void setClipRanges( float near, float far ) ;
   void setHeight    ( float _height    ) ;
   void setRange     ( float _range     ) ;
   void setDirection ( float _direction ) ;
   void setTarget    ( sgCoord     *pos ) ;
   void setTarget    ( ssgTransform *_trackTarget ) ;
   const sgCoord *getPosition () { return & final ; }
   void update () ;
   void apply  () ;
 } ;

At the start of the run, you must call initCamera() and updateCamera() must be called every frame.

 void   initCamera () ;
 void updateCamera () ;
 Camera *getCamera ( int which = 0 ) ;
 void setNumScreenSplits ( int numSplits ) ;

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