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gameGetJoystick(int N) returns a pointer to a gameJoystick class object for the N'th joystick or NULL if that joystick does not exist.


...defines the maximum number of joysticks that can be queried - currently this is set at two.


The gameJoystick structure for the N'th joystick is returned from gameGetJoystick(N). You can query the number of analog axes the joystick has - and ask whether it is actually plugged in using:

 int  gameJoystick::getNumAxes () ;
 bool gameJoystick::notWorking () ;

There may be between 1 and 32 buttons - you cannot query how many there are.

Whenever you wish to read the joystick, first call:

 void gameJoystick::update () ; read the physical device.

Then you query the state of the buttons using:

 bool gameJoystick::isDown ( int which ) ;
 bool gameJoystick::isUp   ( int which ) ;
 unsigned int gameJoystick::getButtons         () ;
 unsigned int gameJoystick::getJustDownButtons () ;
 unsigned int gameJoystick::getJustUpButtons   () ;

The boolean functions query a single button given a number in the range 0 to 31, the 'unsigned int' functions return a packed bitfield with one bit per button.

To read the analog axes call:

 float        gameJoystick::getAxis ( int which_axis ) ;

...axes are numbered from zero upwards.

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