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A screenshot made by mk3dgallery

The mk3dgallery tool takes models in the '.plb' XML format or any format that PLIB can load and renders each one in turn - saving a screendump for each page. This is useful for producing online image galleries showing all of our models.

The LoL model gallery page was made using mk3dgallery.


  /u/games/tools/src/mk3dgallery modelfiles...

The resulting images are placed into a subdirectory called 'screendumps' and named after the original model with the extension '.jpg'. The 'mogrify' tool is used as a part of the processing and must be installed on your computer for this to work.

Because it uses the image pathnames built into the PLB loader, it needs to be run from the directory that's above both the model directory and the image directory that contains the textures. Hence:

  cd /u/lol
  /u/games/tools/src/mk3dgallery  models/vehicles/jeep.plb  models/vehicles/

This produces 'screenshot/jeep.plb.jpb' and 'screenshot/'.

More commonly, one might say:

  cd /u/lol
  rm screendumps/*
  /u/games/tools/src/mk3dgallery  models/*/*{plb,ac}
  cd screendumps
  /u/videotools/gallery/mkgallery -n *jpg
  scp index.html ???_*.jpg root@zion:/home/www/games/lol/model_images/

...this makes the screensdumps, constructs an HTML image gallery from them and copies the resulting files onto our webserver here.

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