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The plb_to_ac3d tool converts models in the '.plb' XML format into '.ac' format suitable for the AC3D modeller or for import into blender. It's a bit kludgy - but it helps out in some messy cases.


  /u/games/tools/src/plb_to_ac3d  fromfile.plb

Because it uses the image pathnames built into the PLB loader, it needs to be run from the directory that's above both the model directory and the image directory that contains the textures. Hence:

  cd /u/lol
  /u/games/tools/src/plb_to_ac3d  models/whatever/whatever.plb

This produces a '.ac' file that has some problems:

  • It references textures without a pathname. So if you load it into blender or ac3d all of the textures are missing. It's hard to fix that. One solution is to run this 'sed' script to fixup the path (every single character must be typed exactly right for this to work):
  sed -e 's/texture "/texture "images\//' >
  • There are lots of features of '.plb' files that '.ac' and '.blend' files don't support (which is why we're using '.plb' in the first place!) - as a consequence, some things don't come out right - notably, you see all levels of detail of

ssgRangeSelector nodes at once.

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