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Lol screenshot.png
Lol screenshot.png

The Lemur of Lima

by Steve & Oliver Baker

Lemur of Lima is the game that Steve and Oliver are currently working on. We are trying to make everything scriptable and flexible so that we end up with a completely general game engine at the end of the process. The game-engine part of the process is dominating the work right now - and perhaps some simpler games will be released based on the LoL engine before LoL itself appears.

Both game and game engine will be released as OpenSource code under the GPL once we are ready to share the fun!

The Game

Lemur of Lima (LoL for short), it is a Prince of Persia-esque game, (at least in terms of gameplay), in which you swing through vast forests, solve puzzles, navigate rivers on rafts and boats, and pilot all manner of vehicles. We are still in the early stages of development and there are several ways that this game could go. One of the ideas being considered is to have LoL use a sort of streaming world that outside people can create, levels, vehicles, plots, missions, etc distributed over many websites.


Look at the LoL screenshot gallery.

The Plot

Our hero is ring-tailed Lemur (as yet unnamed) who is being returned to his native Madagascar when a spelling mistake on the shipping label sends him to Lima (Peru) instead. As the game stats he is desperately trying to get home, but an evil plot arises and he must put his own quest aside to defeat the evil LOCon corporation and save the rainforest.

The Characters

So far only one has been made, but many normal human characters (made by the blender Make Human package) will obviously be needed for security guards, secret lab henchman, jungle henchman, (who is usually a poacher and an ex-army something) and drivers for the vehicles.

The Documentation

At the bottom of every page, you'll see...

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