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Here is a tiny Subversion (svn) HOWTO. It assumes that you've already created a repository.

Initial Import

To put your content into the repository:

Suppose your content (on your local computer) is in /home/abcd and the repository directory is abcdsvn:

 cd /home
 svn import abcd -m "Initial import"

Checking out the entire repository

 cd /home
 svn checkout

That created '/home/abcdsvn' - so you'll probably want to say:

 ln -s abcdsvn abcd you can pretend it's under /home/abcd

Subsequent updates

To get subsequent changes from Subversion, just go to whatever directory you want to update into and...

 cd /home/abcd/efg/hij
 svn update

Subversion remembers all of the other information in the '.svn' directory - so no more messy parameters you to worry about!

Changing your local version

 svn add foo

Schedule the addition of 'foo' (and everything beneath it if it's a directory).

 svn delete foo

Schedule 'foo' to be deleted from the repository - also deletes the local copy. If it's a directory, everything beneath it goes too.

 svn copy foo bar
 svn move foo bar

Schedule 'foo' to be moved or copied into 'bar'.

Committing changes

 svn commit --message "reason for committing"

This updates everything

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