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Unification screenshot.png
Unification screenshot.png


by Steve & Oliver Baker

Unification is the game that Steve and Oliver are currently working on. We are trying to make everything scriptable and flexible so that we end up with a completely general game engine at the end of the process. The game-engine part of the process is dominating the work right now - and Unification is a simpler game to use as a testbed based on the Lemur of Lima (LoL) engine before LoL itself appears.

Both game and game engine will be released as OpenSource code under the GPL once we are ready to share the fun!

The Game

Unification is a level-based platformer with 3D gravity (kinda like Mario Galaxies) which has as a basis the idea of having one level for each of the fundamental forces of nature (Gravity, Magnetism, Electricity, Weak and Strong nuclear forces) - each of which has its own game mechanic. When the user has completed any two of these basic levels, a new level will open up that uses the two mechanics that (s)he has mastered in combination (a "unification"). When three mechanics are mastered, then a level that requires all three skills will appear - and so on until all of the forces of the universe have been unified and a final level which requires all of the forces to be used at once to complete.


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The Characters

We're starting off using Tux the Linux penguin - but we'll probably make a new character especially for the game - perhaps a cartoon Albert Einstein or something.

The Documentation

At the bottom of every page, you'll see...

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