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The following navigational templates are in use on the Wikiid site;


Wikiid Pages relating to Arduino (edit)
Command line Arduino
Startup code for Arduino
Low level functions for Arduino
Putting data in flash on the Arduino
External resources for Arduino
Board schematics for Arduino
Misc notes: Circuit notes, Music notes, Stepper motors


Wikiid Pages relating to MIDIfile (edit)
MIDIfile player library API
MIDIfile documentation
Sources of MIDIfiles

3D Math

Wikiid Pages relating to 3D Math (edit)
3D Math - Support Functions :
Data types, Normalize, Vector/CrossProduct, Scalar/DotProduct
3D Math - Area of a Polygon.
3D Math - How accurate should a circle be? 3D Math - Distance from Point to Infinite Plane.
3D Math - Calculate a Plane Equation from three points on the plane.
3D Math - Calculate a Plane Equation from two Points and a Normal.
3D Math - Calculate a Line Equation from two points on the line.
See also : Intersection tests


Wikiid Pages relating to the Bullet physics engine (edit)
Main articles: Physics - Bullet
On the Bullet website: Forum, Doxygen docs, FAQ, A Module diagram, Draft user manual, CCD & Physics Paper
Annotated example programs: HelloWorld, Tutorial2
Other: Collected advice snippets
See also : Intersection tests, GameTools Sabot


Wikiid Pages relating to gameTools (edit)
gameTools - Main page
gameTools - Support Tools :
plb_to_ac3d, mklevel, mktile, mktree, tiled, autogen_java, mk3dgallery
gameTools - File Formats :
title_screen.rgb, ultimate.xml, material.xml, decoration.xml, physics.xml
tiled.xml, tiled_autotiles.xml, Level files, Tile naming scheme, PLB files
gameTools - Source Code :
Game functions: gameCamera, gameClock, gameChecksum/gameHashTable, gameHTTP,
gameIsect, gameJoystick, gameParticleManager, gameScreen/gameMouse,
gameSky, gameStarter, gameStrokeFont, gameUtils
Material database: MatList/MatEntry
Tile map handling: TileObject/MapFlag/MapEntry/Map
Java Interfacing: JavaLink
Image file loading: liImage/liImageFactory
3D Model file loading: loadPLB, PLB exporter
Physics: Sabot, Bullet, gameTools - Use with Blender, PLB exporter
Object management: Object

Intersection Testing

Wikiid Pages relating to Intersection tests (edit)
Isect - Sphere and Sphere.
Isect - Sphere and Infinite Plane.
Isect - Sphere and Axial-Box.
Isect - Sphere and Infinite Line.
Isect - Sphere and Line Segment.
Isect - Infinite Line and Infinite Plane*.
Isect - Infinite Plane and Infinite Plane*.
Isect - Infinite Line and Infinite Line.
Isect - Projection of Infinite Line and Projection of Infinite Line.
Isect - Line Segment and Infinite Plane*.
Isect - Axial-Box and Infinite Plane.
Isect - Axial-Box and Axial-Box.
Isect - Triangle and Infinite Plane*.
Isect - Triangle and Line Segment*.
Isect - Triangle and Triangle.
Isect - Arbitary boxes.
*Also computes the location of the intersection.
See also : 3D Math

Lemur of Lima

Wikiid Pages relating to Lemur of Lima (edit)
Lemur of Lima - Main page
Lemur of Lima - Controls
Lemur of Lima - Levels :
List of Levels, Level design, Screen shots, Models
Lemur of Lima - Java Plugins :
Java plugin API, Event handling, Flags, GameInterface API , Alphabetical Index
Lemur of Lima - Source Code Documentation :
Initialisation, Main Loop, gameTools


Wikiid Pages relating to Mini and MINI (edit)
Modern equivalent parts for classic Minis
Essential classic Mini reference material
Steve's Collection of Mini Books, Magazines and Brochures
See also :
The Even Less Authorized MINI Owner's Manual
The main Wikipedia page for the classic Mini
The main Wikipedia page for the Mk I Mini
The main Wikipedia page for the Mini Moke
The main Wikipedia page for the BMW MINI
The Mini Owners Of Texas (MOT) Website
The Elf Preservation Society